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We are the Top #1 computer and mobile (Cellphone) repair experts firm in Riverdale & Douglasville GA that is fully equipped with:
  • Fastest and most Affordable repair
  • Expert Technical Skills
  • Mobile Computer Support
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Excellent Reputation
  • Same Day Service for Cell Phone Repair

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional service experience. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and excellent customer service. Our technicians are knowledgeable and keep abreast of changes and trends in the fast-moving world of technology. We have maintained an excellent track record of customer service throughout the life of this company. We have some of the better and most knowledgeable technicians in Atlanta, but we also provide ongoing training to ensure better work, so they keep up with the constant technological changes.

Get The Best Solutions To All Your Computer Repair Concerns.

We offer solutions to any computer repair-related problem you may have. We do everything from simple computer setup to complex network configurations. No job is too difficult or too small for us. Our computer repair store offers a range of pc repairs and virus removal services.

By getting our top-notch services, you can solve all your computer-related issues quickly, such as:

  • Virus removal

  • Hardware replacements

  • Computer upgrades

  • Software downloads

  • Network setup

  • Consultation

  • General maintenance

  • Data recovery, and anything related to computers.

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We Diagnose Computer Viruses

One of the most common problems our customers face is viruses. Mainly virus creates problem in computers and causes them to slow down. Some viruses cause your computer to do strange things that anyone can diagnose as a virus.

However, viruses and other types of malware have become so sophisticated that they often go undetected by your antivirus software. We at Intellectual Techs computer repair center professionally detect and remove even the most stubborn viruses and malware. To do this, we use a technique that eliminates viruses manually rather than the software. Manual virus removal takes a bit longer and involves more effort, but we make sure your virus doesn't have a chance to reproduce itself as some do.

Availability of Hardware Replacement

Hardware replacement is a fairly common occurrence in the computer repair industry. Over time, computer parts wear out like anything else that has moving parts and electrical circuits. Hard drives are either shorted out, or their motors are burning out. Sometimes this can clear the problem, and sometimes the situation calls for a replacement. In any case, our technicians at Intellectual Techs computer repair shop are ready to fix the problem. We perform software and hardware upgrades.

We often see businesses and consumers who don't understand the importance of keeping their computers up to date.

Microsoft stopped supporting windows 7, which caused a lot of headaches for many people still on this operating system. It has affected everything from the point sale software to video surveillance systems. Luckily, it received a software update to get them back on track. Sometimes specific programs require hardware upgrades to meet minimum system requirements. This is just one of hundreds of reasons and components you may need to update now or in the future.

On-site Upgradation Solutions

Intellectual Techs on-site computer repair shop offer hardware, software, and network upgrades. Hardware upgrades consist of physically replacing internal components in your computer. Upgrading your ram can boost the speed of your computer. Hard drive upgrades can give you more storage space. You can also upgrade the processor, fans, and motherboard to improve performance.

Software upgrades are recommended to bring your computer up to date for security, compatibility, and better performance. This type of upgrade is crucial to prevent virus attacks and hackers.

Network upgrades are done to increase your internet speed and network security and allow multiple devices to communicate with each other.